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 -   CIA Tibetan Activity
 -   Dharma Banners
 -   Dharma Haven
 -   Free Tibet Campaign
The "GU-CHU-SUM" Movement of Tibet to dedicate to assisting ex-political prisoners in exile.
 -   Help Tibet Foundation
 -   Home Page of Tibet
 -   International Campaign for Tibet - Save Tibe
 -   Milarepa found
supports the Tibetan people's nonviolent struggle to regain their freedom. Through grassroots activism, direct action and events such as the Tibetan Freedom Concerts,
 -   Nitartha international
 -   Sarasvati-Arts
Information about the latest Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas produced by Emily Preece.
 -   The Tibet Map Institute
 -   Tibet art
 -   Tibet Images Photo Library
 -   Tibetan Astrology
 -   Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site
 -   Tibetan Plateau Project
Tibetan Antelope Conservation Campaign The Tibetan Plateau Project's programs assist activists, researchers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with obtaining information and mobilizing support for the conservation and sustainable development of biodiversity in the Tibetan Plateau region. TPP's initiatives focus on endangered wildlife issues, medicinal plant resources, and public outreach activities.
 -   Virtual Tibet Sangha
 -   Yungchen Lhamo Foundation
 -   BuddhaNet
BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network - Gateway to Buddhism
 -   Dzogchen Foundation
Buddismo per l'occidente. (inglese)
 -   Kadampa Center
Il buddismo tibetano nella tradizione Gelupga. (inglese)
 -   Padmanet
Il buddismo mahayana in Italia, rete dei centri FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) italiani.(italiano)
 -   Tantra Magic
Introduzione al Tantra Buddista, manuali, afrodisiaci. (inglese)
 -   The Drukpa Kargyud Lineage
Il buddismo in Bhutan. (inglese)
 -   Unione Buddhista italiana
l'Unione Buddhista Italiana (U.B.I.), riunisce 33 centri italiani e i loro affiliati secondo le tradizioni Theravada (Sud-est asiatico), Mahayana Zen (Estremo Oriente), Vajrayana (Tibet).