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Chakra - (Wheel) it means a wheel or force field, its name is Chakra Sudarshana.
It was made by Lord Siva and gifted to Lord Vishnu as a token of love. The story of Lord Vishnu's most excellent devotion to Lord Shiva is relayed in a story where Lord Vishnu offered a thousand lotuses to Lord Siva every day. One day in order to test the sincerity of Lord Vishnu, Lord Siva hid one of the lotuses. During worship, Lord Vishnu discovered that he was one lotus short, in order to complete his vrata he then plucked one of his eyes out and offered it to Lord Siva. Lord Siva became highly pleased and gave his prized weapon that he had labour through intense Tapas (austerities) to make.
This discus possesses a terrible energy, Lord Vishnu holds this as a weapon but also to preserve the Universe as where ever this energy is released it instantanteously causes destruction therefore if released it would end time and causation as we know and perceive it.
Hence it is also representative of the Wheel of time.
The energy of the Chakra is governed by a mantra called the Vishnu Sudarsana mantra, when the mantra is activated even wood that is soaked in water will burn.Its deity is Kartivirjuna.

Tilaka or Pundraka -(Urdhva pundra in Sanskrit), (Thiruman, or Thirunamam in Tamil) - ritual mark, means holy mud, is applied on the foreheads of devotees of Sri Narayana, and Lord Vishnu himself wears it on His forehead.
Devotees apply it as a mark of respect to Lord Vishnu, denoting they are holding His Lotus Feet on their forehead. The two white lines represent the feet of the Lord, and the red line represents Lakshmi Thaayar who is ever present with Him. According to other sources, the left line represent Lord Brahma, the right line Lord Siva and the middle portion is where Lord Narayana dwells with Mother Lakshmi.
The meaning of Him wearing it is analysed and given various reasons, and one such reason, is to show the Bhaktha that the protection to him is from all possible direction, if he surrenders to the Lord.
Each thiruman placed on the body represents a different name of Sriman Narayana:

forehead Kesava
belly Narayana
chest Madhava
throat Govinda
right side Vishnu
right armMadhusudana
right shoulderTrivikrama
left sideVamana
left armSridhara
left shoulderHrisikesha
upper backPadmanabha
lower backDamodara

Shanku - This is the Conch of Vibrations, it is believed by the Vaishnavas that Lord Vishnu issued the Omkara or the primordial sound Aum through his conch.
An alternative view of this is the concept of Spandana or vibrations. This maintains that the universe is but a manifestation of vibrations. As Lord Vishnu is the preserving aspect of the trimurti, he requires to maintain the world of objects through particular types of vibrations hence he uses it for that purpose. However according to the mythology other purposes would be in battle to Stun opponents e.g. Rakshas and other classes and types of spirits. This is called Istambhana Karma The vibrations that issues forth manifest in the form of mantras which can summon or dismiss. It can be used for Akarshana (Enticement) or Mohan (Charm) Karma (Action).
Realised Thanks to Devendra Maharaj 's essential collaboration.
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