Ida and Pingala


Svadhistana Chakra

Svadhishthana (sva = vital force; adishthana = seat) chakra is the second of chakras, also called Jalamandala, its tattwa is jala (water) . it's situated at the base of the Linga-mula (genital organ). within this chakra is the withe watery region of Varuna (vedic god of primordial waters) of the shape of half -moon, and therein, on a Makara (crocodile) is the bija (syllabe, seed) Vam dic, inside the bija Vishnu and goddess Rakini (or Kakini). the devata of this chakra is the goddess Rakini. she is of the colour of a blue lotus, four-armed, she holds a lotus, a drum, a lance and an axe.she has three red eyes, and her mind is exalted with the drinking of ambrosia. The presiding deity is lord Brahma .
corresponding nerve plexus in the physical body prostatic plexus
location at the linga, or the base of genital organ
petals, or no. of yoga nadis six
colour of petals vermillion
letters on the petals, or the vibrations of the yoga nadis Bam dic, Bham dic, Mam dic, Yam dic, Ram dic, Lam dic
mandala, or the region of tattwa, or element jala mandal, or apas, or region of water
yantra, or shape of the mandala crescent moon
bija akshara, or seed Vam dic
bija-bearer makara
presiding god brahma
narayana four handed, vishnu, hara
goddess rakini
deva or tattwa varuna
loka bhuvar
colour of tattwas white
function of tattwa, or quality rasa or taste (liquid essence)
sense-organ tongue
motor-organ penis
granthi sthana -
result of concentration attainment of poetic powers and yoga

The awkening of Kundalini Shakti

As kundalini reaches the Svadhishtana Chakra, that lotus opens out, and lifts its flowers upwards. upon the entrance of Kundalini, Mahavishnu, Mahalakshmi, Sarasvati, Rakini Shakti, Deva Matrikas and Vritti, Vaikunthadhama, Goloka, and the Deva and Devi residing therein are dissolved in the body of Kundalini.
There the tattwa of Prithivi unite with tattwa of Jala or Apas. Then Prithvi dissolves as also odour and the organ of smell (the guna of prithvi is smell. this guna and the sense of smell are dissolved in water. odour is the objective and the sense of smell the subjective side of Prithvi. Both are dissolved in Water.)
The Prithvi or Earth bija Lam dic is dissolved in Apas, and the apas converted into the bija Vam dic, remains in the body of Kundalini.

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