Ida and Pingala


Anahata Chakra

The fourth Chakra, Anahata (unbeaten),is the center of Vayu mandal (region of Air, Vayu Tattwa) with six corners.
Anahata sound, the sound of Shabda Brahman is heard at this centre.
Shabda Brahman ("Shabd" or to make, ordinarly means sound) is the the source of all Shabda or Name (Nama) and all Form (Rupa), the Universe being Name and Form (Namarupatmaka).
The Bijakshara, or Pavana Bija is Yam dic.
Under the Bija there is an antelope, Vahana of Vayu (vedic God of Wind).
The presiding adept is called Pinaki.
The presiding deity is Isha (Rudra, Shiva) and Devata is Kakini; in Her hands She carries the noose and the skull, and make the sign of blessing and the sign which dispels fear. Her heart is softened with the drinking of nectar.
The Sakti is in the pericarp of this lotus in the form of a Trikona (triangle):
Inside the triangle is the Shiva-Linga called Bana Linga. This Linga is like shining gold and in His head is an orifice minute as that in a gem. He is resplendent abode of Laksmi.
Vishnu Granthi is in this Sthana.

Under Anahata there is a minor lotus, without Bija, where, over an altar of gems, is Kalpataru the celestial wishing-three (one of the trees of Indra's heaven), which grants what is asked.
Corresponding nerve plexus in the physical body CardiacPlexus
Location Heart
Petals, or No. of Yoga Nadis Twelve
Colour of Petals Red
Letters on the petals, or the Vibrations of the Yoga Nadis Kam dic, Kham dic, Gam dic, Gham dic, Nnam dic, Cam dic, Cham dic, Jam dic, Jham dic, Jnam dic, Ttam dic, Ttham dic
Mandala, or the region of Tattwa, or Element Vayumandal, or Vayu, or Region of Air
Yantra, or Shape of the Mandala Exangonal
Bija Akshara,or Seed Yam dic
Bija-bearer Deer
Presiding God Isana - Rudra
Shankara three eyed
Goddess Kakini
Deva or Tattwa Vayu
Loka Mahah, or Mahar Loka
Colour of Tattwas Smoky
Function of Tattwa, or quality Sparsha or feelings (Touch)
Sense-organ Skin
Motor-organ Hand
Granthi Sthana Vishnu
Result of Concentration Achievemente of Rationality, Godliness

The Awkening of Kundalini Shakti

Kundalini reaches the Anahata Chakra where all which is therein is merged in Her Body.
Fire and Form and sense of Sight dissolve themseves into the Tattwa of Air.
The Bija of Tejas Ram dic dissappears in Vayu, and Vayu is converted into its Bija Yam dic, which merges into the body of Kundalini.

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